Faster and better treatment for ocular care

Assistant, augmented by AI, for slit lamp examinations to improve ophthalmic diagnosis

We support ophthalmologists in achieving fast and reliable diagnoses

Solution advantages

A diagnostic assistant for the challenges of ophthalmology

Shortage of ophthalmologists

Less than two months to get a consultation


Reduce misdiagnostic with the most complete ophthalmologic knowledge base


Optimize the patient file with the digitization of the diagnostic process

Level up your slit lamp examinations

iSlit is a step-by-step assistant for ophthalmologists during slit lamp examinations


iSlit collects the symptoms and risk factors reported by the patient

Slit lamp observation

iSlit detects ocular signs and provide suggestions while taking pictures for the report

Differential diagnosis

Compare the diagnosis suggested by iSlit. Rely on EyeWiki if needed.

Do you want more?

We have built iSlit Education, a game for all those who want to improve their knowledge of ophthalmology

Think about a pathology of the cornea or conjunctiva before you start

One by one, answer the questions about signs, symptoms and risk factors

iSlit Education will try to guess it

Who we are

We have one mission : spread the ophthalmology expertise

David Smadja, MD

Co-founder & CSO


Christophe Tricot, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Vincent Lemeltier

Lead Tech

Stephanie Le Garrec

Lead Design

Jeremy Grimault

Lead Product

What our first users say

As a young ophthalmologist I use iSlit Education to be ready for my examinations. I like the user-friendly way to improve my ophthalmologic skills

At first I was skeptical, but then iSlit allowed me to differentiate diseases that I didn't think I could differentiate with a slit lamp alone.

iSlit education is so complete, I am impressed

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Will you dare to stand up the challenge?

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